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When it comes to building Barrington Hills home additions, no one has more knowledge and experience than Airoom. We’ve been designing and constructing renovations in your area for over 50 years, and our team can do it all:


  • Master Suites
  • Guest Rooms
  • Home Fitness Centers
  • Home Media Rooms


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Luxurious Barrington Hills Additions

At Airoom, we understand that adding a room to your home is the perfect way to lend a personalized touch to your layout. That’s why we specialize in engineering, architecting, and building room additions that enhance living spaces. Additionally, we also take care of all the little details that come along with every renovation project, from calculating Barrington Hills home addition costs to securing permits. Want to learn more about what Airoom can do for you? Consult with us today for free!



Our Designs Always Impress

We Build Barrington Hills House Additions That Cater To Our Customers

  • We can convert an average bath into a lush home spa.
  • An enclosed glass sitting room can be built on a deck or patio.
  • Indoor swimming pools are perfect for year-round fun.
  • Rec rooms and home theaters take entertainment to new heights.
  • The perfect playroom can be attached to a child’s bedroom.
  • Wow visitors with a welcoming front courtyard addition.
  • Treat yourself to a personalized master suite.
  • We can even add a whole new story to your home!


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