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With over 14,000 remodeling projects completed, Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers can turn any room from dull to dazzling. Our design-build philosophy means that we build what we design and we design what we build, enabling us to deliver unparalleled:

  • Combined Small Rooms
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Expansions
  • Basement Renovations


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Why choose airoom for your arlington heights interior design?

Airoom’s all-encompassing team takes care of the entire interior remodeling process– planning, design, architecture, engineering, construction, and cleanup. Our comprehensive design-build philosophy ensures that communication and construction time is handled smoothly. Your project is built using quality craftsmanship, including a 10-year installation and 15-year structural warranty. Considering an Arlington Heights interior remodel? Contact our award-winning Airoom team today!



How will my home benefit from an interior remodel?

Some arlington heights interior remodeling ideas:

  • Rollout trays and drawer dividers make great storage solutions.
  • Place electrical outlets under cabinets for hidden convenience.
  • Walk-in closets and pantries add storage space and declutter your rooms.
  • Well-placed lighting systems highlight workspaces, artwork, etc.
  • Energy-efficient fixtures and appliances save energy and money.
  • Combine small spaces to make your space feel larger.
  • Reclaim your basement or attic as an entertainment center.
  • Open floor plans allow you to use spaces for multiple purposes.


They did an outstanding job. I would use them again. I would highly recommend them. We are looking at some other jobs within my house that we would use them again. They were very good people to work with.
Ralph T.