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What You Need To Know About Sinks

Choosing the right sink for your bathroom remodel can be a daunting and overwhelming task. You need to consider the style for the bathroom that’s being remodeled, whether it’s the master bath, family bathroom or powder room. Also keep in mind who will use the room primarily and what your space considerations are. […]

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Ergonomics for Your Kitchen

Whether it’s working in your home office or preparing dinner in the kitchen, it’s easy to fall into bad habits, such as bad posture. More than ever, designers and architects are paying specific attention to how we use and interact with our kitchens and workspaces, creating rooms designed to encourage comfort and efficiency. By […]

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Building a Custom Home – Advantages and Advice

There was once a time where it was common for homeowners to build their house themselves. Now, in a time when even highly valuable subdivision plots are being filled up with row after row of carbon copied luxury homes, more and more people in the market are looking to custom home floor plans and […]

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Kitchens for Entertaining

No matter where you plan on hosting the party, everyone ends up hanging around the kitchen. Whether they’re chowing down on appetizers or just get caught up in conversation while going to grab a drink from the fridge, the kitchen tends to be the focal point of most friendly gatherings and holiday parties. Even […]

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Renovation Architects and Why They’re Specialized

When an average person thinks about an architect, they may picture someone sitting at a large drafting table drawing up blueprints and house plans. While this is certainly part of what goes into the job, there’s much more that renovation architects do than just home design.

You may have a brilliant design idea for your […]

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Before the Remodeling Project: What to Keep in Mind

A while back we looked at what you need to know before starting a home remodel project. In this piece we’ll consider a few more related things to keep in mind before starting a remodeling project.

Before the Project

Home remodeling projects are stressful, detail oriented, and fairly time consuming. But when you keep these six […]

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