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Designing Bathrooms for Children

Children pose unique design challenges in creating spaces that work well for them, but are appealing to adults. It’s a fine balance of practical necessity combined with aesthetic appeal.

Here are some practical considerations to make your bathroom remodel perfect for your kids, but fit in with your design style.


Something bright and cheery, […]

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Turn Awkward To Awesome: How Architectural Limitations Inspire Creative Interior Designs

Although working with unusual architectural features can be a challenge, they can also bring opportunities for designing and building unique and stylish home renovations. Small closets, awkward room shapes, puzzling entrances and limited storage are all ripe for creative design.

These four rooms were designed around some unusual structures and are great examples of creative […]

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Dimensional Design: How to Incorporate Texture into Kitchen Remodels

Texture is an important element of both look and function that people do not always think much about when renovating their homes. It plays an important role in choosing finishes for your kitchen, where function is especially important. There are several different choices to make for each surface in your kitchen. Backsplashes, countertops, and […]

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Traditional Home Design: Using New Materials with a Vintage Feel

Finishing renovations on an older home can take a lot of work to maintain the right feel. You might be looking for vintage parts if you are replacing specific tile or doorway arches, or you might find yourself working with newer materials that need to match the right style.

Depending on what period or architectural […]

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The 3-Minute Airoom Kitchen Renovation

We’re often asked about our kitchen renovation process here at Airoom, so we decided to show it to you in three minutes. This time-lapse video shows the many skilled craftsmen – electricians, carpenters, and tile installers, who all play a critical role in the creation of our design-build remodeling projects.


Beautiful oak hardwood floors add […]

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Dressing Your Home Remodel: The Role of Fabric in Design

Fabrics soften a room, add pattern, color and texture, and more importantly, define focal points within a room. Architectural details like dramatic archways and gilded ceilings along with materials such as rich wood floors and carved cabinetry are showcased by fabrics that add a personalized touch to your home.

When planning a kitchen remodel, bathroom […]

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