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Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for Remodeling and New Construction

Deciding what can and can’t be built can be confusing. When creating a design for a remodel or custom home, one factor that many homeowners forget to consider is the local zoning restrictions on Floor Area Ratio (also called Bulk in some towns) or the ratio of living space in relation to the lot […]

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Standard Kitchen Heights – From Counters and Islands to Bars, Stools, Chairs and Tables

I have had hundreds of hours of meetings throughout the years about the right height for countertops, tables, pendant lights and more. While some heights in the kitchen are standard, others may be specific to a client's request. Here, I'll share some of the more common heights and how they might affect your kitchen design decisions.
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Move or Remodel? The Top 9 Considerations When Deciding to Move or Improve

Has your life outgrown your current home?  You may have been asking yourself one of the hardest life-changing questions: should I move or should I remodel?  You are not alone.  Many people have been asking themselves the same exact question.  Though the answer is rarely easy, we’ve researched and provided the top 9 considerations […]

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Mid-Century Modern Design In Remodeling

Mid-century modern architecture is regaining popularity among homeowners planning a home remodel or custom home build. Celebrating the decor of the mid-twentieth century, this style embraces open living space, clean lines and a modern take on classic style, proving its timelessness against postmodern designs.

With the distinctive abodes seen in James Bond, The Brady Bunch, […]

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Must Have Tools Around The House For Quick Fixes

To fix small problems around your house or to tackle a DIY home improvement project, you need the right tools. Fortunately, you don’t need to collect dozens of tools to get most small jobs done. A carefully-selected set of the most common hand and power tools with suffice. Though you won’t need to spend […]

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Surviving Construction: What To Do When Your House Is Undergoing A Remodel

Be prepared for things to cost more than you initially expected. The larger the project, the higher the potential for unforeseen expenses. You could also change your mind about the design or materials during the construction phase; if you decide to go through with changes, costs typically increase. Keep in close touch with your contractor for revised estimates. Small increases add up and will result in sticker shock if you haven’t kept yourself up to date
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