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New Report: Home Improvement Sector is Growing and Strong

Recent industry research suggests that the home remodeling industry is thriving and only shows signs of continuing this positive growth into the future. A combination of demographics, a healthy existing sales market, and an aging housing stock provide the perfect stimulants for growth in the home improvement sector.

Today, the average age of the housing […]

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Open Your Kitchen to a New Trend

There’s not a place that offers quite as much family time as the kitchen! So it makes sense that you’d prioritize your time there as a family and would want to keep the space fresh and inviting to everyone. Eventually you’ll want to touch up or remodel your kitchen.

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling […]

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Get the Right Impression with Arched Doorways

Not all parts of a remodeling project involve a complete overhaul of a home’s features or even of an entire room. In certain cases, a specific feature of a room can be redone to help give a more lasting impression. Changing a regular rectangular doorway into an Arched Doorway is one example of this.

First, […]

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American Colonial Architecture: Then & Now

In celebration of America’s recent birthday, we decided to dive into American architecture in this piece. American Colonial architecture has seen many styles, influences, and phases. In this piece we’ll be looking at a variety of American Colonial styles, where they’re found, and how they’ve changed over the years.


Location, Location, Location

It’s important to note […]

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Summer Styles For Your Kitchen

Everyone updates their wardrobe throughout the year, but rarely does a homeowner update and remodel their kitchen. But, going into this summer season, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence released a study showing that 46% of homeowners that were polled are looking to upgrade their kitchen because they want something more stylish.

We’ve […]

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Airoom to be Featured in 2015 North Shore Kitchen Tour

The Picture Perfect Winnetka Kitchen Remodel
Winnetka couple John and Kathy Roeser are always ready for a new project to enhance their family lifestyle. They both managing successful careers, two teenagers, and two dogs, so they understand the importance of keeping everything in order, and making sure everything is just how it needs to be. […]

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