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At Airoom, we build custom houses from the ground up. For nearly six decades, we’ve been delivering high-quality Magnificent Mile custom homes to Chicago residents. Whether you desire a gorgeous new Georgian mansion or a cozy cottage, we can create nearly any style of house:


  • Modern Houses
  • Cape Cods
  • Country Houses
  • Neo Colonial Homes


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Why Choose Airoom As Your Magnificent Mile Custom Home Builder?

Form and function combine with our start-to-finish mentality. As we build what we design and we design what we build, you can sit back and relax as we take care of the remodeling process for you. From conception to completion, we handle the design, architecture, engineering, construction, financing, and purchasing. Our top-notch customer service and innovative designs have earned us national awards. Call our top Magnificent Mile custom home builders in Chicago today!



We’ll Make Your Magnificent Mile Custom Home Pop

Top Tips From Our Professional Custom Home Designers:

  • Mirrored hallways create the illusion of added space.
  • Mix and match organic and traditional designs for a unique look.
  • Enclose your porch in glass to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine.
  • Pick a neighborhood where your custom home will fit in.
  • Wooden walls, ceilings, or floors add cozy comfort.
  • Consider adding a wine celllar for storage purposes.
  • We’ll help you achieve your custom home dreams!
  • Open up your ceiling space with high ceilings.


We are very pleased with Airoom. The team was respectful of our budget and also of our needs as we stayed in our home during the construction process. There were no cost surprises or construction delays. The quality of the finished project is wonderful and we enjoy it.Mary T.